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I Finally Did It!

Two years ago I jokingly told my step-father he should let me have his old food trailer since he was giving his old camper to my sister. And he said yes! To say I was stoked is an understatement. Him and my mom live in California while I live in Texas. We made arrangements to meet up halfway in Arizona for the exchange. Once I got it home I couldn't wait to get started converting his old hot dog selling trailer into a mobile patisserie. And that's when I realized it was a much bigger project than anticipated.

He left me with his old equipment but none of it would work for my needs. It got sold off to help pay for the items I did need. That was the easy part. Then came putting up new walls, flooring, getting some welding done to have the gray water tank under the trailer and out of site. Learning how to connect sinks and plumbing. Rewiring some of the electrical. Installing the equipment. Making sure it works. Setting everything up so it flows for my needs. Getting passed by the health department. And finally finding a location to set up at so I can begin selling my pastries to the public.

I can't begin to tell you how many times I gave up on it. (Which is probably why it took me two years to complete it.) I put my blood, sweat, and tears into that thing. Literally. But having it complete feels amazing. Knowing that I did that. I did all of that. Almost entirely by myself. And now I'm baking and selling pastries on the regular. Every day that I'm in that trailer I'm thinking of ways to better myself and my business. As well as thinking up new ideas.

From start

To finish

And everything in between... (that'll be another post once I go through and find all the photos since I sometimes lack proper organization skills. 😂😭)

Wish me luck as I do my best to make my dreams a reality. ♥️

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