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Look what I did!

Can I just brag on myself for a bit over here? I promise I’m usually very humble but I just spent the last three days working my tail off in the kitchen. I had someone place an order for a teacher appreciation box. Then a few days later someone else reached out saying they wanted a variety box of desserts for his wife to celebrate their anniversary. Luckily for me both orders fell on the same day. I was only too happy to oblige. The outcome -

Would you believe me if I said I did this all by myself with no help? A few sleepless nights and incredibly long days is what it took to make this happen. I am exhausted but so happy with the results. There were a few times I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. Time, ingredients, and energy were running out but miraculously as soon as I finished my energy was through the roof that I was even able to start cleaning the kitchen.

This giant box has eclairs, strawberry entremet, cream horns, cookies and cream mousse cake, Paris-Brest, raspberry chocolate tart, lemon entremet, kouign amann, chocolate caramel candies, and a chocolate plaque to tie it all together.

I did this. All of this. By myself. I am so proud of myself. I can definitely see my flaws and know where I can improve but just knowing that I accomplished this makes me so dang happy.

Does anyone else have an accomplishment they’re super proud of?

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